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Let’s never forget who owns the VMA’s.
Probably one of my favorite scenes taken from the movie. 

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Part of your world

She’s so perfect

bu adamın sesi için tüm şarkıyı dinlediğim gerçeği 

"I got one less problem  without ya" . This year alone, I’ve kicked so many people out of my life. I am just not down with the games and mind confusing everyone seems to be playing. 
I am turning 25 and I hold myself to certain standards, I do not like drama and I tried to avoid it at all cost, With that means not given people chances, which is hard. I believe that everyone has the opportunity to do right, and when they do wrong, that have the chance to rationalize it, but I am not given this chance anymore. I have given up on that, too many people have slid by and got close and stabbed me in the back.